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Our actions speak louder than our words

Be an integral part of the mission

Be an integral part of the mission!

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At Stony Brook, we want to be a church that invites everyone in the local community to be a part of the

church community. And while we, like any good church, are trying to reach every and all types of people, there is

one group that generally finds themselves on the outside of community. These are the kids and families who are

affected by disability. It is hard to believe and difficult to hear, but 85% of these families do not attend church

Why not? Because churches, like many other places in society, were not designed with them in mind and

there are physical, emotional, and social barriers in place. Case in point, We were ready to build a playground and use

wood playground mulch to provide a safe fall surface forgetting that kids with disabilities would struggle or even not

be able to participate. This would not work. We could not invite families to church and then build structures and

surfaces that limited or excluded them and claim to be welcoming to them!

Add accessible and

engaging play

Wall structure that interest children with special needs and all children.

For adventurers too

Create a structure for the kids that love to climb, but intentionally create a structure that creates community play. 

Safe & Mobile

Cushions a trip or fall and is mobile for wheelchairs and walkers.