The giving of material resources, time, & talents for the Kingdom of God is

a significant part of Worship. 

Your generosity and support of the LIVINGtheGOSPEL vision helps in creating

an atmosphere where people can truly BELONG, learn to BELIEVE, 

and to BECOME all that God intends. 

You are playing a very important part in that process. 

God influences the world through His people. 

He gives to us so He can give through us. 

To Give Financially

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To Give Time & Talents

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Giving makes a Difference

Seven slices of generosity- 

Seven slices of generosity- 

You may not always be aware of the enormous impact your generosity has on another, but be sure that, for better or worse, all types of generosity create a slice of God's hope in the lives of others. People are in need of many good slices of generosity right now and we can be generous in several ways that will foster Christ-likeness and healing. 

1. Empathy Generosity - Understand and share the feelings of another. Put yourself in their situation. Feel it. Empathy is not sympathy. Give sympathy to someone who is hurting, and go deeper by empathizing with them as well. Feel as if it were happening to you and use that empathy as a basis for your next step of showing mercy, compassion, and/or support.

2. Compassion Generosity - Show concern and sensitivity to the suffering of human and nonhuman beings. True compassion is more than a feeling. It propels you to act to relieve the suffering of another. Taking compassionate action puts the human in the word humane. 

3. Time Generosity -  Spend quality time with your loved ones, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church family, and others. Look people in the eye when they talk to you. Put away your cell phone and turn off the TV so you can give them your full attention. Listen thoughtfully. Be generous with full attention, praise, and encouragement. Click the following link for a few ideas.

4. Serving Generosity - A small commitment with a BIG reward. A small commitment that makes a BIG difference. There's an abundant number of ways to move forward in your Serving Generosity! Click the following link for only a few ideas.

5. Financial Generosity - Generosity with your finances ... This is one of the more fun and unique types of giving. Fun and Unique, Why?

  • You are placing your trust and faith in God's mission through you and Stony Brook.  
  • You know your financial gifts are being combined with other Stony Brook family's gifts to make every dollar stretch toward the same vision. 

Ready to grow in your Financial Generosity? Click the link here for several options.

6. Spiritual Generosity - Listen to the still small voice inside and heed what it says. Listen to the wisdom of your heart and soul and those who have earned their wisdom through the years. Accept and give Spiritual generosity. Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. (NIV) Click on the following link for just a few ministries to connect into for Spiritual Generosity to show fruit into your and other's lives

7. Missional Generosity - Bless yourself by finding out more about Missions Generosity through StonyBrook. Simply sending a message, letter of praise and encouragement, and prayers will give hope and sustain the missionaries we support. Want to know more about Missional Generosity click this link

Connecting and Giving processes

Sunday morning connecting and giving processes. We want to make sure you are familiar and comfortable. 


For those already participating, you have been receiving a Worship Connection Text message at 10:00 am each Sunday morning. Included in that text are a Connection Link and a Giving Link. The Connection Link functions the same as the paper Connection Card but provides an online form to share or request personal and ministry information as well as submit your praise reports and prayer requests. The Giving Link takes you directly to a simple and secure means of online giving, complete with a prepared menu of specific designations for convenience.


All you need to do to begin receiving the Worship Connection Text is to make sure we have your mobile phone number and 

provide us with the name of your mobile service provider (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, etc).

Simply share that info via connection card or


For those of you who prefer the existing means of connecting and giving, we will not interrupt your flow! Connection Cards will still be available to fill out during the worship gathering and envelopes will still be available for cash or check offerings. The only update for you is that instead of the offering bags being passed during the worship gathering, ushers with offering bags will be positioned throughout the worship space to receive your Connection Cards and offerings as you leave. 




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