Good Sense

Freed Up Financial Living

Monday evenings beginning

in Spring

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Featuring the practical and grace-filled biblical principles of the nationally known and respected Good $ense Budget Course

This is a 8-week event with childcare available.  

Good $ense

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Freed-Up Financial Living is the core of the Freed-Up resources. It is designed for anyone, regardless of their financial situation.

This resource pairs sound financial knowledge with biblical principles of money management, guiding participants to develop a personal spending plan that reflects both in a healthy, balanced way. They explore what the Bible and the culture say about the five financial areas of life (earning, giving, saving, debt and spending).

We strongly believe that there is a biblical mandate for the church to live in a financially responsible, empowered way. This is due to the fact that our relationship to our money is central to our relationship to God! Freed-Up Financial Living addresses the matter of who we serve (Matt. 6:21), where our heart is (Matt.6:24) and what the love of money can lead to (1Tim.6:10).

Although God’s truth is communicated in a clear, compelling way, this is all done in a grace-filled manner – no guilt or judgment allowed!


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Facilitators for the Fall session

Mike Wall

Peggy Kalal