LIFT Ministry

We are looking for Stony Brookers who would like to trust God and become an official member of the LIFT team to be ready to respond to God‘s call to love someone in need, whether they are having a financial struggle, loss of a job, unexpected (or expected) pregnancy, loneliness, anxiety or depression, or just a broken sink that needs repair.

This is not just enjoying watching God work, but being willing to be used by God and participate as God actively moves through our midst, and become aware of God‘s presence as you watch Him bless your hands and generosity for His glory!


By giving funds toward the Benevolence Fund

The Benevolence Fund helps many people with many different needs. From a cup of coffee and conversation or $10 for a tank of gas or $50 for groceries or $100 to avoid utilities from disconnection. The Benevolence Fund fills a big need. 


Text the word "LIFT" and any dollar amount to

402-810-SBSB (7272)


By using a trade or talent to help someone in need

Give of your trade or your talents in full or at a discount to someone who is in need. 


by donating items to Together Inc. Pantry

You can LIFT someone up by donating to the Together Inc. Pantry collection every third Sunday of the month! 

Want to be a LIFT-er? 

Video click here

Reach out to the Life Team