This week

at Stony Brook

January 12th


Connection Group for Men

8:00 am at Stony Brook


Pantry Collection Sunday

10:00 am at Stony Brook

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Generosity Summary

January 5, 2019

Sunday Generosity

 $ 1,645.00

Online & Text Generosity

 $ 2,590.00

Weekly Total $ 4,235.00

     1sth Quarter ministry

budget total need:

$ 55,793.75


12 weeks left in quarter

remaining need:

$ 51,558.75

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Serving God

Where You Fit Best

Volunteers are needed

to serve one Sunday a month.

Individuals, couples, or teams!

Kid Life ministry is looking for a person, a couple, or a team of volunteers to serve one Sunday a month.

Lessons and materials are already prepared in advance for you, and the kids are eager to learn and

get to know you and an amazing God!

Please mark your Connection Card today for more information. 



If you have general questions


Phone: 402-895-9596

or Connect Card at HUB

Stony Brook CONNECT site


Connect, Prayer, or Praise


or Connect Card at HUB

Anonymous Prayer Requests


or Connect Card at the HUB

Staff or Leadership

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Social Media

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Connection Text

The Connection Text:

We want to connect with you on Sunday and during the week!  

We now have a convenient Connection Text that includes a Connection Link and a Giving Link. 

To begin receiving the Connection Text every Sunday morning, 

simply provide us with your cell phone number and the name of your phone service provider. 

The Connection Link is a simple, digital way to share and/or request information, prayer, and praise on Sunday and during the week. 

The Giving Link is an easy online way to give and is included in the Connection Text.