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What is the primary purpose of Growth Groups?

To foster significant Christ-centered relationships. Everything else is secondary. (Hebrews 10:24-25; Romans 8:29)

How is a Growth Group put together?

We understand that the size of a group is important. The best size groupings are married couples average 12-14 per group and groups of singles that average 8-12 can be ideal. Groups are based primarily on friendship, shared interests, station in life (Young married, newer to Stony Brook, 20 somethings, blended families, parents of teens, etc.), and always keeping in mind that location only matters after all other considerations.

What happens when a Growth Group meets?

A typical Growth Group will have refreshments, a time of sharing what’s going on in our lives, a few discussion questions about the previous week’s sermon (example: Getting to know me, into the Bible, life application), and prayer.

What is the average time for a Growth Group?

A typical group will have an hour and 1⁄2 to two hours per week. As Growth Groups build closer relationships, they may decide to serve, worship, have meals together, etc.

Can I host a Growth Group? Can I lead a Growth Group?

Yes and yes. And you can do both or just one or the other. Want more information? Reach out to Stephanie Dillman the Growth Groups Admin in person on Sunday or via email at or